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ABOUT  Panovia

Poetry in pastry is our motto and it means, first of all, creativity and inventiveness and our help will always pleasantly surprise you.

Currently, the change of consumption habits of pastry lovers and the impulse shown by the modern trade have determined the demand for pastry products to increase and the traditional manufacturing methods can no longer ensure the necessary quantities.

In Panovia factory, however, we have succeeded to put the patissiers’ dough at the table of high technology and thus create authentic products that not only respond to the needs of our customers, but even anticipate them.

Since 2004, Panovia has been manufacturing and distributing a well-structured range of frozen products, addressing to retail and professional (HORECA) segments. We offer you a range of products made with love and we also have the ideal solution so that everybody can enjoy at them their best - hot.

Our pastry chefs, technologists and experienced bakers combine tradition with modern technology in order to make delicious pastry, viennoiseries and bakery products.

Our team of highly qualified specialists lays emphasis first of all on responsibility, professionalism, passion and innovation. They carefully and constantly control the manufacturing processes, from the purchase of raw materials to the malaxing procedures and the achievement of finest quality finished products - baguettes, bread rolls, puff pastries, pastries and strudels with the finest and tastiest fillings.


Taste them!
Let yourself driven by the passion they carry within!




If interested in joining us at Panovia, please apply  now.


When you want to offer your customers fresh
products, consider the frozen products and their ADVANTAGES compared to the traditional ones:

- SAVE MONEY - you will buy only the products you need, in the quantities you need, managing stocks efficiently. The number of qualified staff
- SAVE TIME -  the baking lasts a few minutes, eliminating necessary time for each separate stage of preparation.
SAVE SPACE - frozen products require reduced storage space and you no longer need special areas for various ingredients necessary during
traditional preparation.
- ENJOY DIVERSITY - think of the variety you can present in your menu! (You do not want customers bored of the same menu, do you?)

Doesn't it sound delicious?


By observing strict hygiene procedures and by closely monitoring manufacturing procedures, we have implemented:

ISO 9001:2008 (TUV Thuringen, certif No. 15 100 74383)
ISO 22000:2005(TUV Thuringen, certif No. 15 154 10058)
FSSC 22000(TUV Thuringen, certif No. 15 160 13015)


This is one of our permanent concerns and wealways have in mind sustainable development when grounding the company's decisions. Having over 80 employees, our company provides jobs for the inhabitants of Oltenita and surrounding areas.Most of the ingredients we use at Panovia are made in Romania, thus supporting local manufacturers.