“We put our ingredient quality on the same level as our passion for pastry.”


Patisserie products taste much better when a passion for them places ingredient quality first.

So, starting with 2004, our passion drove us to put pastry dough on the table of high technology and develop a successful business: the preparation and distribution of a diverse line of frozen products, dedicated exclusively to the Romanian market. We draw our inspiration from Romanians’ favourite tastes.

We address both the retail and HORECA segments, with a selection of products made with 90% Romanian-produced ingredients.

We are constantly investing in production technology and in the Panovia team, so that we may offer popular local tastes in exceptional quality, and, starting from Romanians’ preferences, we are constantly diversifying our range by adding new beloved products.

Because we trust in “what’s ours”, we support patisseries with a local mark, and we want Panovia and all it stands for today to cater to Romanians’ tastes.


For 13 years we’ve employed the latest European trends and technologies in improving our product range.

Through our investments we raise locally-preferred products to an international standard of quality, and extend our company to the size of a producer worthy of praise from Romanians.

We have accessed modern frozen pastry technologies, invested over €3 million in increasing our production capacity, raised our employee count from 20 to 120, diversified our distribution channels and brought our products to all the national retail networks – actions resulting in a constant increase in our turnover.

Today, the Panovia team is comprised of food industry specialists who understand the local market and ensure a perfect coordination of production processes. Our sales team are well-versed in modern retail and well-acquainted with the specifics of the frozen pastry market. The quality of our products is in line with international norms, by implementing and respecting strict hygiene procedures.

Panovia’s mission is to offer consumers pastry products meeting their expectations, using Romanian ingredients and modern technologies.

A trusted partner, highly flexible and available, and a professional team that not only meets clients’ needs, but anticipates them by constantly researching market trends.

We strongly believe in the high quality and flawless taste of Romanian products and ingredients. This is why we support tradition and promote local tastes and producers.

With a highly-qualified specialist team and constant investments in innovation and in developing products and manufacturing technologies, we always have the resources needed to constantly diversify our selection and to provide international-grade quality.

We always carefully check our production processes, from raw material purchase to ingredient mixing to obtaining the best quality products, catering to Romanian consumers’ tastes.

Innovation: we invest in developing our products and manufacturing technologies, and we use modern European trends to constantly improve our recipes and products.

Flexibility: we are always expanding our selection, constantly developing products and fillings depending on the flavours Romanians prefer.

Professionalism: we are a team of highly-qualified specialists, emphasising responsibility, passion and innovation.

Authenticity: we use Romanian ingredients and support local producers, offering a wide range of products made to cater to Romanian consumers’ preferences.

Panovia is a family: we understand the needs of our employees and support their personal and professional development.


Our quality recommends us, and our reliability maintains our solid partnerships with market leaders such as Metro, Billa, Auchan, Carrefour.

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