Oltenita In Motion

Our objectives were:

  • Promoting physical activity among Oltenița pupils, with an emphasis on running and engaging them in our project alongside elementary teachers and Physical Education teachers;
  • Informing the students’’ families about the benefits of daily physical activity and sports, leading to prevention of obesity, scholarly result improvements and fighting stress;
  • The pupils’ participation in the annual city-wide cross-school running competition;
  • Engaging students through open lessons, including flash mobs.

We had an event launch for the project, promoted it through a series of educational and promotional materials distributed to pupils and parents, as well as through social media, via a specially-made Facebook page. We were delighted to see the joy with which the project was received, and the great results we got:

  • Creating an active community of 1,123 members, who diligently follow our Facebook page;
  • 900 students, from preparatory to fourth form, participated in our five open classes for simple street dance, made possible with the support of two choreographers;
  • Pupils in forms I-IV of the five Oltenița schools participated in “Oltenița In Motion!” competitions. They ran a minimum of 300 m, at form level;
  • 588 pupils joined running clubs.

And, since any project made for children cannot end without a surprise, at the end we offered a series of prizes:

  • 588 jump-ropes with counters
  • 294 bags branded with the „Oltenița In Motion!” logo
  • 2 large trophies – for Most Active School and Most Active Form
  • 18 medium trophies
  • 365 diplomas of excellence
  • 223 diplomas of merit
  • 50 diplomas for teachers
  • 12 vouchers for sports equipment
  • 44 bags of PANOVIA products

In all confidence, we can only say it’s worth continuing.

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